COVERARY ギフトラッピング
COVERARY ギフトラッピング
COVERARY ギフトラッピング
COVERARY ギフトラッピング
COVERARY ギフトラッピング
COVERARY ギフトラッピング

COVERARY Gift Wrapping


Regular price ¥100
Tax included.

As a gift for your loved ones
COVERARY original giftwrapping

A luxurious wrapping bag made of non-woven material.
Comes with an original designed waterproof case.

■How to order
Choose from the gift options on the product page or add this page to your cart.

Please place your gift order as soon as possible.
The number of days it takes to ship varies depending on the product.
When using this product as a gift, please check the expected shipping date of the product and place your order well in advance.

*If the item is packed in a bag, a message card is not included. If you would like to include a message card, pleasePlease select "Do not bag."

※giftWe do not accept orders for wrapping alone.

■If ordering multiple items
The price is 100 yen per ticket. If you wish to wrap multiple items, please add wrapping bags for the number of items to your cart. Only one item can be placed per ticket.
If the number of wrapping bags ordered is less than the number of other products ordered, please enter the name of the product for which wrapping is desired in the notes section. Please note that if this information is not filled out, we will email you to confirm which items will be packed, and shipping may be delayed.

Delivered in an Original zip case

We will send it in a zipper case made of PVC material with the brand logo and icon printed on it.

In addition to storing the case, please use it as an accessory case or mask case.