Would you like to gift a COVERARY smartphone case?
Even if you don't know the recipient's model, just send the gift URL via email, LINE, SNS, etc.

*It will take some time for the product to be delivered as it is a semi-order product that is manufactured according to the customer's model. Please check each product page for the estimated shipping date.


How to send an e-gift


How to receive e-gifts


If you want someone to choose an item,digital gift cardis recommended ◎


Are e-gifts available for all products?

We have carefully selected popular items from COVERARY.
We can only accept products that have a button that says "Send an e-gift to someone who doesn't know their address" on each product page.
A list of products that can be selected as an e-gift isherePlease see from*Compatible products will be expanded gradually.

Can I send by nickname or anonymously?

Is possible. The information entered in "Please enter the giver's name" on the purchase screen will be reflected.

Is wrapping possible?

If you would like gift wrapping, please select "wrapping" as an option when ordering and complete the purchase process.

How is the receiving URL sent?

You can check it on the screen after purchase.
In addition to the purchase completion screen, we also send the e-gift receipt URL via email. If you miss the URL and turn off the screen, you can still check it from the email you received. (*Please set your reception settings so that you can receive emails from "".)
You will need to copy the URL and send it to the recipient yourself using LINE, SNS DM, email, etc.

Is there an expiration date for the gift receiving URL?

There is currently no expiration date.
You can apply at any time. *Subject to change without notice.

Is it possible to check whether the recipient has completed the procedures such as entering the address?

After the recipient completes the process, an email will be sent to the giver.

Can I send multiple products as an e-gift?

You can purchase products that have the "Send an e-gift to someone who doesn't know their address" button displayed on the product page.
All gifts will be delivered to one recipient at one location.
It is not possible to purchase ``normally purchased items'' and ``e-gift purchased items'' at the same time.

Can I send e-gifts to multiple destinations?

Only one delivery address can be specified. Multiple delivery addresses cannot be specified.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please place orders for each delivery destination.

Is it possible to specify the desired delivery date and time?

You cannot specify the desired delivery date and time.

Can I send it to someone living overseas?

Products will be delivered only within Japan.