About the leather used

Italian Leather

High-quality leather that has been passed down as a traditional Italian craft since ancient times and is one of the highest quality in the world. Italian leather is a high-quality material that is highly regarded as one of the three major leathers in the world, along with British bridle leather and American cordovan leather.




Beautifully colored Italian leather. We use cowhide tanned by Mastrotto, a prestigious company in Italy, the home of leather. It has both the characteristic softness and fine texture of Italian products. The shrink-embossed surface gives you a luxurious feel and a soft touch.

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We use cowhide tanned by Mastrotto, a prestigious company in Italy, the home of leather. The official name of Saffiano leather is "Saffiano Metal Oro", which refers to cowhide leather that has been embossed. In addition, Saffiano leather is firm and durable, and is highly water repellent, making dirt and scratches less noticeable. Therefore, it is often used in items that require durability, such as wallets and bags.

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The high-quality cowhide is tanned by Mastrotto, a prestigious company in Italy, the home of leather, and is embossed with crocodile leather, also known as the "jewel of leather." The exquisite color, moderate gloss (semi-matte), and outstanding embossing technology give it a solid feel that you can feel as soon as you hold it. You can experience the elegant texture that cannot be described in words.

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Toscano Riccio・トスカーノリスシオ

Toscano Liscio

This is an Italian shoulder bag manufactured by Conzeria 800 (Otto Cento) in Tuscany, Italy. This is a traditional leather made by faithfully reproducing the "Vachetta method", a tanning method that has been passed down for 1,000 years but has ceased to be inherited. The surface is made of smooth leather, and at first it has a matte texture, but as you use it, you can enjoy the shine and color change.

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Japanese Leather

Approximately 1,000 years ago, before the Asuka period, leather tanning was actively practiced in the Himeji region of Banshu, and the technology spread to various parts of Japan where the climate and natural features were suitable, leading to the modern mainstream tanning and chrome tanning. It is a historical material whose manufacturing method was passed down in the Meiji period and continues to this day.



Tochigi・Tochigi leather

This natural leather is manufactured by the only tanner in Japan who is particular about vegetable tanning to bring out the original texture of the leather. The leather is transferred from a low-concentration pit tank to a high-concentration pit tank and soaked for 20 days in a tank of resin tannin extracted from the bark of natural chestnut, oak, and mimosa trees. Craftsmen carefully finish the work without sparing effort. It is also an environmentally friendly material, as water, which is essential in the manufacturing process, is filtered through large-scale drainage equipment to remove sludge and purify it to a harmless state before returning it to the river.

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Flower Embossed Himeji・姫路レザー

Flower Embossed Himeji・Himeji Leather

This is COVERARY's original genuine leather, which is made of high-quality genuine leather tanned in Himeji, a famous Japanese leather production area, and has a flower pattern embossed on the entire surface. It is a one-of-a-kind material that exudes adult elegance, with attention paid to everything from the embossed design to the coloring.

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France Leather

There is a reason why there are so many world-famous high-end brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Longchamp in France. Most of the world's high-quality leather materials come preferentially to France. Enjoy the world's finest genuine leather material.


VEAU EPSOM・ヴォーエプソン


A dressy and formal high-quality leather that is often used by high-end French brands. It is embossed with a fine grain pattern, making it scratch resistant, highly durable and water resistant, giving it a beautiful, well-groomed look. The moderate tension maintains a luxurious feel and beautiful form for a long time.

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Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a synthetic leather that artificially reproduces the fiber structure of genuine leather without using animal skin. Recommended for those who want to enjoy fashion while being considerate of animals.


The appeal of vegan leather is its light weight and water resistance. It has a high-quality finish and is so light that it is indistinguishable from genuine leather, so you can use it with confidence even on rainy days. Dirt can be wiped off quickly, making it very easy to clean.

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