Italian Adria Leather Case
Italian Adria Leather Case
Italian Adria Leather Case
Italian Adria Leather Case
Italian Adria Leather Case
Italian Adria Leather Case

Italian Adria Leather Case


Regular price ¥5,490
Tax included.

■Compatible to All Phone Models
Almost all smartphones models are available and designed accordingly so that you can use the case with the functions as it is conveniently.

■World's Largest Variety Of Case Colors
Find your favorite color and enjoy coordinating them with your own style.

■Beautifully colored Italian Leather
Made from cowhide tanned by Mastrotto, the prestigious Italian leather company, gives the characteristic of the soft and fine touch of the Italian texture.

■Handmade by Specialised Artisans
Every single case is produced from painting, finishing of leather and wrapping of cases carefully by hand.

■Full Leather Finishing
Using our specialised technique, the case is wrapped completely, including the sides with a only single piece of leather.

■Delivery of Smooth Performance
Similar to the phone models, each specific case comes with camera hole and speaker hole accordingly, so you can perform various operations such as fingerprint authentication, volume adjustment, and charging with the case attached.
※Please note some phone models might not function well with the case attached.
※Please understand that not all charging appliances are suitable for the phone with the case attached.

※Depending on the phone cases, sound and charging button functions might be wrapped over as well. Althought there are situations when the phone cases might not be fully suitable to your needs, please understand that we have choosen the cases that are best suitable for your phone models.

■Specific Resin Plastic Case
Polycarbonate cases are used as a base for your specific phone model with either clear or black color. Please note that due to stock status, colors of the base cases could not be chosen.

Estimated Shipping Date
5 to 10 working days


Delivered in an Original zip case

We will send it in a zipper case made of PVC material with the brand logo and icon printed on it.

In addition to storing the case, please use it as an accessory case or mask case.