UNITED ARROWS × COVERARY collaboration leather back case

◇Choice of colors

◇List of compatible modelshere

■Back smartphone case compatible with all models
We have back covers compatible with almost all smartphones. Designed according to the model, you can use the case without changing its convenient functions.

■The popular French high-quality cowhide Vaux Epson leather
It is also used by high-end French brands, and is a luxurious leather with bright colors and detailed embossing.

■Vivid colors typical of France
There are 6 colors available. This color is also loved by famous French brands. The colors are bright and have a nice sheen to them.

■Beautiful colored French leather
A popular leather that is perfect for formal styles. It does not easily lose its shape, so you can enjoy its beautiful form for a long time. It is lightweight, easy to hold, scratch resistant, and highly water resistant.

■Various operations are smooth
Each model has a camera hole and a speaker hole, so you can perform various operations such as fingerprint authentication, volume adjustment, and charging without removing the case.
*Some models cannot be operated with the case attached.
*It is not confirmed whether or not it can be used for tabletop charging, stand-alone charging, etc.
*Depending on when the case arrives, it may be made to cover the volume button and power button. Please note that although you cannot select this option, you can operate it without any problems.

■Discreetly engraved logo
Engraved with the COVERARY brand logo. The small debossed stamping is not too overpowering and also serves as an accent to the look.

■Made by hand by craftsmen
Every step is carefully done by hand, including cutting, pasting the case and leather together, painting the case, and engraving the finish.

■Resin case dedicated to the model
There are two types of polycarbonate cases: clear and black. This item may not be available due to stock availability, but it is a model-specific case that is perfect for your model.

■Estimated shipping days
Expected to ship in 10-15 business days (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

*This product takes advantage of the characteristics of natural materials. Please be aware of the scratches and patterns unique to leather before purchasing.

Our genuine leather products are not excessively processed in order to convey the joy of growing leather. Please enjoy the process of adapting to each customer while using it.