Italian Adria Leather Strap
Italian Adria Leather Strap
Italian Adria Leather Strap
Italian Adria Leather Strap
Italian Adria Leather Strap

Italian Adria Leather Strap


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■A notebook-type smartphone case with an antique flower pattern embossed on the entire surface of high-quality genuine leather, exuding the elegance of adults.
All-over pattern embossed leather made by pressing a flower pattern onto cowhide leather. The glossy coating on the surface creates a finish that is resistant to moisture, scratches, and dirt and easy to maintain. The bright colors are also one of its charms.

All sewing is done by domestic leather craftsmen. This work is packed with the world's most advanced technology.

It can be used in a wide range of situations for both men and women.


*This product takes advantage of the characteristics of natural materials. Please be aware of the scratches and patterns unique to leather before purchasing.
*For genuine leather products without a belt, the cover will open when you first use it, but as you use it, the leather will get used to it and it will close.
*Since each item is handmade, please allow a certain amount of time for delivery.
* Immediately after purchase, the lid will be left open because the leather has not been used.
The lid will get used to it as you use it.
Our genuine leather products are not excessively processed in order to convey the joy of growing leather. Please enjoy the process of adapting to each customer while using it.

Estimated shipping days
Scheduled to ship in 2-5 business days (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Delivered in an Original zip case

We will send it in a zipper case made of PVC material with the brand logo and icon printed on it.

In addition to storing the case, please use it as an accessory case or mask case.