We have made improvements based on customer feedback.

At COVERAEY, we strive to improve our products every day based on customer reviews and opinions (products, quality, sales methods, usage methods, etc.), and we take into account a wide range of customer feedback.


Peeling off the case cover

For smartphone cases that bond genuine leather or vegan leather with plastic materials, we are working on the issues that we hear most frequently from our customers, such as ``I want the adhesion to be strong'' and ``I want the products to be delivered quickly.'' We strive to make even better products by reviewing the bonding method and eliminating unevenness caused by individual differences between makers.


Notebook type cover margin

In order to accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes, the notebook type cover is available in 7 different sizes, and you can choose the size that best suits your device. Previously, we received size 5, so we sometimes received feedback on the size of the margins, but now we can deliver the product in a size that fits better.

At our store, we believe that it is ideal to have a little extra space to protect the phone if it is dropped.

Drilling holes around the camera

Previously, we only made a few different patterns for making holes for the rear camera, which have different shapes depending on the smartphone body. We have made repeated improvements to fit the shape of each model, and now almost all smartphone models have camera holes that match the shape of each model.


Delivery date

Most of our products are made to order and are made to order, so please allow some time for delivery. Previously, we outsourced some production to partner factories, which sometimes took a considerable number of days from order to delivery.However, we have changed to a system in which most products are produced in-house, and the number of days it takes to ship them is We are gradually improving.

We will continue to strive to improve our services based on customer feedback.
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