[Event] POP UP SHOP @ Hands Umeda store

*This event has ended. Thank you for your visit!

Hello everyone.

JR Nagoya Takashimaya's POPUP was a great success!

What was particularly moving was the feedback from our customers.

"Many places no longer have old iPhone cases. I'm really grateful because it was so hard to find them!"
"I was worried because I thought there was no case for anything other than iPhone! Today I came here and there are so many colors available, so I'm having trouble deciding what color to choose!"

“COVERARY” can solve such problems!

Everyone in Nagoya, I will definitely do it again in Nagoya!

After Nagoya, where I had such good experiences...

I am back! it's Osaka! !

Click here for the location!


Daimaru Umeda store 11F Hands Umeda store

[Event period]
February 21 (Fire) ~ February 28 (Fire), 2023

*As this is a semi-order item, delivery will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

I would say it's an overwhelming sense of HOME, or maybe it's the sense of security that comes from being local?
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone from Kansai again!

By the way, if you are saying, "I don't know where SHOPs are currently being held. I would like to see a list," please check the information on the page below!


We look forward to seeing you in our hometown of Osaka!