A high-quality leather tray that adds color to your everyday life

Leather trays can be used in various places such as desks, entrances, and around desks. While organizing small items and creating a beautiful space, it also has the practicality of keeping the things you need close at hand.

The elegant leather texture and sophisticated design are functional and will also be useful as interior decorations in your living space.


Smartphones and that too

A large leather tray that you don't often see.
Since Cavallari is a smartphone case manufacturer, this size tray was born out of the desire to keep smartphones, Apple Watches, and other smart watches and watches together.

Furthermore, you can charge the cable by passing it through the gap, and the wiring can be neatly organized. Also ideal for storing wireless earphones and small gadgets.

Large size: [inner dimensions] approx. 22cm x approx. 16cm x approx. 2.9cm

This is a convenient square shape.
Ideal for storing small accessories, keys, etc., perfect for use around a desk or in the entryway.

Square size: [inner dimensions] approx. 11cm x approx. 11cm x approx. 2.9cm


Next, the vertical rectangular size.
Development began in response to comments from members of the company that they didn't have a place to store all of their desk accessories, such as glasses and pens. This rectangular tray will be useful not only in the office or home, but also on business trips.

By using different sizes, they will be useful in a variety of situations.

Rectangular size: [inner dimensions] approx. 17cm x approx. 8.1cm x approx. 2.9cm

Easy to carry design

Cavallari's leather trays are designed with portability in mind. Because it is assembled with buttons, it lies flat and thin and can be folded up for compact storage in an instant. You can easily carry it with you on business trips or while traveling, and it will be useful in a variety of situations.

Not only can you use it as a tray while carrying it, but you can also use it as a leather mouse pad. Kavalari's unique charm is the combination of portability and beautiful design.


High quality leather and freedom of customization

Cavallari leather trays are made from high quality genuine leather.
Carefully selected materials are used, such as Adria leather and Tochigi leather, which are used in smartphone cases, and have a rich texture and durability.

Another attractive feature is the freedom of customization. You can freely mix and match the colors of the outer and inner leather. You will be able to get your own original leather tray. Adria leather is available in 32 colors, so you may be confused about which one to choose.

A little idea

Furthermore, the leather tray also has a little twist.
Normally, round shaped trays are prone to shaking and are difficult to stabilize, but Kavalari's trays have a wire on the inside diameter to increase stability and allow them to be fixed. In addition, by applying heat treatment, the guide will not disappear even if it is held flat when being carried.


Handmade one by one

Utilizing the manual edge technology that Cavallari craftsmen have cultivated in making smartphone cases, each item is handcrafted one by one, just like smartphone cases, to ensure quality and use of edge liquid that is resistant to bending, so that it can be used for a long time.

The variety of sizes available, ease of carrying, and the freedom to customize colors are also attractive features. Please enjoy your daily life a little better than usual with Cavallari's leather tray.