In order to use a genuine leather smartphone case for a long time


Leather items tend to get dirty as they are used, and products that are often held in your hands, such as smartphone cases and small items, deteriorate particularly quickly. Frequent care not only prevents deterioration, but also has many benefits, such as increasing gloss, improving texture, and increasing durability. Here we will introduce how to care for COVERARY leather products so that they can be used beautifully for a long time.


Genuine leather smartphone case that has been used for about a year without any maintenance. There are noticeable black spots on the corners.

Using leather products for a long time

Genuine leather, which is made from natural ingredients, will deteriorate over time due to sebum stains and scratches. Customers often tell us that they have no choice but to choose a darker color that won't show dirt, especially if the leather is light in color, as dirt will be noticeable.

Ideally, you should prevent stains before they get dirty, but there are also ways to care for them after they get dirty, so it is important to take care of them according to the situation. We hope that with careful care, you will be able to get the color you really want.

Care that can be done before use

It is recommended to use a care spray designed to prevent water stains and dirt in an unused state.
Shake the spray well and spray 3 times from a distance of about 20cm until the surface is lightly moistened. After drying, if the surface is smooth leather, wipe it dry with a cloth. If it is made of brushed leather, please brush it to condition the coat.

Brushing once a week

Dirt and dust on the surface absorbs the oil from the leather, causing it to dry and cause cracks and tears. It is recommended that you remove it as soon as possible.
For small items that tend to get dirty, brush them once a week with a soft horsehair brush. It is important to remove dirt and dust frequently without damaging the surface. The massage effect also maintains the firmness and firmness of the leather.

Maintenance to make it last longer once every three months

Regular moisturizing care is important to remove stains from leather and prevent cracks. Replenish the oil when you use it and the surface loses its moist texture.

1. Remove dirt from the surface with a brush. Gently scrub areas where black spots are noticeable using a leather cleaner.
2. Take a small amount of stain removal & moisturizing cream on a cloth and apply it evenly to the leather.
3. After drying, spray the care spray for water stains and dirt prevention twice.
4. After the spray has dried, wipe it dry with a cloth if you have smooth leather, or brush it if you have brushed leather.


Keep a beautiful state with regular care

It is important to take care of leather products before they deteriorate. If you make daily care a habit from the beginning of use, you can use it beautifully for a long time. Enjoy the charm of leather as it becomes more familiar and the luster and color deepens as you use it.